Tales from Nowhere.

October 23rd:

Gutted to lose tonight, thought I’d get on but the gaf said he’s resting me for the United game. There was a mix up at the Airport and there was no space for me on the Private Jet, Ross Turnbull picked up a knock and he needed two seats, I didn’t mind, Business Class here I come!

October 24th:

The flight was delayed; I won’t be back in London until Friday. I left a voice message on the Gaff’s phone making sure he knows I can’t make training. Think he’s mad, he hasn’t replied.

October 28th:

Gutted about tonight’s result, down to 9 men and an offside goal, I bet the lads felt really hard done by. I nearly smashed my TV screen! No one wants 32 inches of TV screen on their polypropylene carpet! We will get revenge on Wednesday night, mark my words! Whoever I will be marking will certainly know I’m there!

October 29th:

I went Halloween costume shopping today, Escapade in Camden, absolutely packed! There were queues going right round the street corner! The lads said that footballers don’t have to queue up, just show your face and they’ll let you in. Liars! They really did me, made me look so foolish. Bloody lads, I’ll get them back! What am I going as? Let’s just SEA shall we. Hint hint ;-).

October 31st:

Wow what a game! 5-4! Cesar Azpilicueta made his debut at right back; I’m completely fine with that. Looked a bit shaky at times, but the gaffer kept faith and let him play the full 120 minutes, which was good of him. When we scored the equaliser to make it 3-3, I was delighted, although a bit of me thought “I hope I don’t get a bleeding parking ticket ha ha”. You know, Chelsea’s a nice area, when traffic wardens see a Mazda 3 Sedan 10 plate, they think, FOOTBALLER, LETS GET HIM! Turned out I didn’t get a ticket, the only one on the street that the warden let off! Even though I didn’t play, it was certainly my lucky night.

Anyhow, the Halloween party should be up soon, there hasn’t been much talk about it, but it was around this time last year so Ahoy…. (Let’s just say there will be a very drunk Portuguese sailor present).